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Woke up after sleeping on bad pillow with terrible neck pain and pain when turning head, side of head hurts too, what type of doctor should i see?

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Dr. Jimmy Bowen answered

Specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Neck pain: Not sure you need to see a doctor at all. If just happened use ice on the muscle. Can use otc pain relievers. Also use a good cervical support pillow. Expect to be improved in 5-7 days. If worsening pain or tingling or numbness into arm see you primary care doctor.

Answered 3/15/2014


Dr. Alvin Stein answered

Specializes in Pain Management

a prolotherapist: The issue here is weak ligaments that allow you neck to get into undesirable positions and stretch the damaged ligaments more until they leave you with this pain. Prolotherapy can give permanent relief. Other treatment is a bandaid. Visit www.Getprolo.Com or www.Aaomed.Org for info and to find a prolotherapist.

Answered 10/14/2013



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