What are some pros and cons about epidurals and does the information vary with twins?

Pain relief! . Epidurals are very effective for pain relief during labor. Side effects are rare, the most common being a "spinal headache" after delivery or numbness which can make pushing difficult. I do like epidurals for patients with twins in case interventions are needed for the 2nd baby, which can be very uncomfortable for mom. If a c-section is planned for twins, spinal anesthesia is typically used.
No dif with twins. Epidurals are provided to help with the pain of labor. The anesthesia provider inserts a small tube into the space around the spinal cord where medication is injected to numb the nerves. The main benefit is pain relief. They are very safe procedures, but in rare circumstances they can cause your blood pressure to drop or cause a headache. They can make it harder to push for some people.
Pain relief. If you desire the relief of severe pain in labor, nothing is safer and more effective than a labor epidural for most patients. There are three basic ways to control labor pain: mental distractions/coping mechanisms, weak IV pain medicines, and the labor epidural/spinal/cse. Talk with your anesthesia physician to see if it is the right thing for you.