Is there such thing as a male menopause?

Yes, sort of. In men testosterone levels decrease very slowly and eventually end up much lower than they were in young men. This is called andropause. Many men will have hot flashes and occasionally, night sweats, as testosterone levels decline similar to what many women experience going through menopause.
Yes. Male menopause is not as abrupt in onset as female menopause because the decrease in testosterone occurs insidiously over the years. Think of the slippery slope phenomenon. Andropause or hypogonadism is the medical diagnosis of low testosterone. But i like to think of low t as a grade. Not everyone is satisfied w/just passing or getting a c+. Some people want straight a's. Talk to your family doc.
Andropause. In men over 45 testosterone levels can decrease to much lower than they were as young men. This is called andropause. Many men will have fatigue, grumpiness, loss of muscle and stamina, and loss of sex drive. Symptoms should be evaluated for consideration of testosterone replacement.
Yes, Andropause. Although men do not experience sudden symptoms like hot flashes, the decrease in hormones can cause a whole host of problems. A decrease in testosterone, which influences many different aspects from physical muscle mass to cognitive function and more. Low levels of human growth hormone which could result in weight gain and cardiovascular problems. And low levels of progesterone.