What's androgen excess in women?

Multiple sx. Women with excess male hormones can have excess facial and body hair, acne, irregular periods (and lack of ovulation). There are several different causes of excess androgens in women, so an evaluation needs to be done to determine the cause.
T > 95th Percentile. The estimated 5th and 95th percentiles for a 30-year-old woman were: testosterone, 15-46 ng/dl (520-1595 pmol/l); free testosterone, 1.2-6.4 pg/ml (4.16-22.2 pmol/l); calculated free testosterone, 1.3-5.6 pg/ml (4.5-19.4 pmol/l); bioavailable testosterone, 1.12-7.62 ng/dl (38.8-264.21 pmol/l); and shbg 18-86 nmol/l. Simple suggestion: the true answer will be derived by your lab results.