What are good colleges in georgia that speacialize in dermatology?

Aesthetician schools. The field of dermatology is a medical specialty requiring 4 years training after completing 4 years of medical school which is after 4 years of college. I'm not aware of any specific college that specializes in dermatology as an undergrad major. Check out https://services.Aamc.Org/eras/erasstats/par/display8.Cfm?Nav_row=par&spec_cd=080 for list of 116 derm residencies. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Emory University. Emory university has an excellent national reputation for dermatology training.
Subspecialty. Dermatology is a medical specialty that requires 4 years of undergraduate college, 4 years of medical school, then an additional 4 years of residency.
Med school . You have to go to medical school first. Medical college of georgia, emory medical school are 2 med school.
Dermatology. Colleges do not teach dermatology. Medical schools teach dermatology. I went to emory in atlanta.