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Hi so my discharge has been dry but it's not on my underwear it's getting onto my vaginal lips and it looks like pieces of toilet paper all over but ik it's not. i'm not itchy and i'm also clean of sexual diseases what is goin on? please someone help?

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What you described is consistent with normal vaginal fluid. In a young woman sexual excitement would increase the amount of vaginal fluid. You may use pantyliners for sanitary reasons. It is not a matter of health concern. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/symptoms/4719-vaginal-discharge#:~:text=Vaginal%20discharge%20is%20a%20clear%2C%20white%20or%20off%2Dwhite%20fluid,off%20bad%20bacteria%20a

Answered 12/3/2022



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