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So i woked up from bed on the top right corner of my testicle probably around the top of the starting area of your penis it's a small pain but it stop?

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Observation: Since you don't experience any discomfort at this time you can simply observe for any recurrent testicular pain or any tenderness,lump or swelling. If any of these symptoms occur, go to your physician or a urologist and get a careful testicular examination. Do not ignore any of these symptoms and definitely inform your parents of this matter,also.

Answered 1/5/2019


Dr. Hunter Handsfield answered

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Testicular torsion?: Perhaps (partial?) testicular torsion? The testicle twists on the tissues and blood vessels from which it hangs in the scrotum. Onset often when sleeping, most common in teens, young adults. If it happens again, and especially if does not immediately return to normal, or if any pain, get care IMMEDIATELY. Emergency surgery sometimes is needed to prevent permanent damage. Discuss w/ your parents!

Answered 7/19/2019



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