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Clear watery liquid is that considered mucus in stool. my 2 month old was vaccinated 2 days ago and has had diarrhea. last night he q as extremely uncomfortable and bloated. as he passed gas it seemed like water came out of his anus without fecal matter.

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Dr. Katharine Cox answered

Specializes in Pediatric Emergency Medicine

No: Your description sounds like increased fluid loss through the bowel. Mucus is more like flem. It may be from irritation or inflammation to the bowel and may be related to his immunization. Make sure he is getting good fluid replacement. All the best and if not better, see his physician.

Answered 2/8/2016


Dr. Akbar Zikria answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Baby Bowel movement : Unlikely there was mucous in the stool. Baby bowel movements especially in the first 4-6 months will generally be a little loose given their only intake is breast milk and/or formula. If there is a significant change (especially in the setting of decreased appettite and/or fevers) take your baby to their primary doc.

Answered 8/6/2015



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