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Is testicular cancer fairly easily detected on a scrotal ultrasound and what does it appear as on the ultrasound? help?

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In majority of cases: testicular cancer can be detected by clinical examination , ultra sound is an additional help . Yes it s possible in minority of cases , will present with abdominal metastasis , primary is detected after orchiectomy small focus histologically seen in the specimen .

Answered 6/20/2015


Dr. George Klauber answered

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US very good test: Yes, testicular cancer is very easily diagnosed by scrotal ultrasound. Cancer growth looks completely different (usually a spherical mass) to normal testicular tissue, which is homogenous (i.e. tissue is of identical consistency throughout). U need this examination if U have a hard lump in or next to a testicle. Good Luck

Answered 6/21/2015



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