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Swollen lymph nodes for 3 months with on/off pain, few other symps. tested for sti,ana,lyme-neg. cbc - normal. going to get node biopsy. what's causing this?should i be prepared for death/bad news?tks

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Dr. Al Hegab answered

Specializes in Allergy and Immunology

Calm down: still no news is good news, why jump to conclusions, what you have is common, biopsies are other way of diagnosis, trust your care giver, and deal with the results accordingly, most of the time chronic inflammation is the case, I'll leave it for the pathologist and your doctor to explain, good luck

Answered 9/16/2016


Dr. M. Hytham Beck answered

Specializes in Surgery

Mono??: there is a lot of non scary reason to have enlarged lymph nodes not knowing the reason does not mean it is bad. the bad disease is always easier to find. you can scare yourself to death by paranoia. stay with your doctor ,eventually they will find out what is wrong. good luck.

Answered 8/3/2018



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