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I was tested rpr and tppa test and elisa, with negative results but in rapid test with immunochromatographic assay i was reactive, what does it mean?

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False positive: Rapid RPR screening test could be falsely positive due to multiple reasons. However practice safe sex .Ask your doctor to check for other stds.

Answered 1/12/2015


Dr. Hunter Handsfield answered

Specializes in Infectious Disease

No syphilis: The newer syphilis blood tests, including the rapid tests, measure IgG antibody. They often give false positive results. The current consensus among STD and syphilis experts is that syphilis is not present when the RPR and standard confirmatory tests (e.g. TPPA) are negative, regardless of rapid or IgG tests. In your case, you also have a negative ELISA test. You definitely don't have syphilis.

Answered 10/18/2015



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