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Is sexual activity dangerous for people with heart disease? you always hear stories about men who die of a heart attack during sex. i am lucky enough to have a pretty active sex life for a 60-year-old, but does my heart disease mean i should slow it down?

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Dr. Ralph Althouse answered

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Sexual : Sexual activity is exercise, which we often instruct our patients to do. As long as you do not have chest pain or marked shortness of breath, there is no prohibition to sexual activity. If exercise (including sex) causes these symptoms you should see your physician to assess this. Of note, do not take viagra (sildenafil) or similar erectile dysfunction (ed) medications if you are taking nitrates, and never take Nitroglycerin for chest pain if you have used these ed medicines within the previous 48 hours.

Answered 10/3/2016



Heart disease: Unfortunately it depends on what type of heart disease you have. Consult your cardiologist. Good luck.

Answered 12/22/2017



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