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Is it normal for my son's testicles to go up in him. they will come down to his scrotum rarely. when i brought him for a physical yesterday, the doctor could not feel them. he is five years old

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Your : Your son may have a retractile testis that goes up and down (which is normal at his age) or he may have an undescended testis where the testis does not reach the scrotum. From what you describe, this sounds like a retractile testis. When a child is cold or anxious it is common for the testis to ascend or "go up in him" as you describe. If your primary doctor could not feel them, he may have been nervous or cold at the time of examination. In addition, if he is overweight, it makes examining the testis more difficult. I would suggest he have an evaluation and examination by a pediatric urologist. It would be helpful to obtain his birth records to confirm they were in the scrotum at birth which is a useful piece of information.

Answered 1/23/2021


Dr. Michele Ebbers answered

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Unfortunately, : Unfortunately, when children this age are upset or cold, the testicles can retract quite high and be difficult to palpate. However, if you are able to feel the testicles in the scrotum when your child is at home and either sleepy or in the bathtub, the diagnosis of retractile testicles becomes more likley. Although it sounds like your son has "retractile testicles", meaning they are very mobile (normal up until puberty), if your primary care provider can not reliably palpate the testicles, you should consult with a pediatric urologist in your area to determine if the testicles are retractile or truly undescended.

Answered 1/30/2017



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