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Can i stop hormone replacement therapy cold turkey or should i wean myself off of it have been taking estratest (esterified estrogens and methylestosterone) hs for many years. i am now 53 and want to stop

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Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge answered

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It : It is never advised to stop taking hormone therapy cold turkey. You must be weaned off of it under the direction of a doctor - decreasing the dose until you are safely off of it. This is because abruptly stopping hormone therapy can send your body into withdrawal and you can experience a whirlwind of post menopausal, unpleasant symptoms.

Answered 12/23/2017



Seek Gynegologist : I would encourage you to talk with your gynecologist before stopping any hormone therapy. There are many benefits to hrt that are not obvious the most vital one is preventing osteoporosis. Other therapy is available and should be considered if one stops hrt.

Answered 3/31/2015



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