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How long do the side effects of lupron (leuprolide) typically last?

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Dr. Michael Traub answered

Specializes in Fertility Medicine

Depends: Lupron (leuprolide) can be taken in a daily injection, a monthly injections or a 3-month injection. Generally the side effects wear off as soon as the time frame above wears off. But in many circumstances you can take medicine along with Lupron (leuprolide) to prevent those side effects from ever occurring.

Answered 4/27/2019


Dr. Miguel Cano answered

Specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology

1 or 3 months: Lupron (leuprolide) comes in 1 or 3 month doses (3.75 or 11.25 mg) and these injections usually cause menopause symptoms which i've seen as both mild or severe. It rarely continues beyond the treatment period & is a good way to pre-treat or reverse endometriosis or to shrink fibroid tumors prior to surgery. Discuss with your doc if your symptoms are severe or if you need estrogen to counter the severe effects.

Answered 6/27/2014



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