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Is it normal to have anal fissures?

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Dr. Arthur Heller answered

Specializes in Gastroenterology

No: Anal fissures are common, but not normal; tears in the lining of the anus; often assoc with hard stool, and/or tight anal sphincter. If they are in the north/south locations of the anus can be seen in otherwise healthy people; other locations can be assoc with things like Crohn's disease; Crohn's fissures can be north/south too. See your doc, gi, or colorectal specialist; may (not) be a big thing.

Answered 1/16/2020


Dr. Eric Kaplan answered

Specializes in Colon and Rectal Surgery

No: Fissures result from irregular bowel patterns and the ling of the anal canal tears over the internal sphincter. They are usually orient at 12 or 6 o'clock. Fissure off the midline may be indicative of other more serious maladies. See a colorectal surgeon for proper evaluation.

Answered 3/8/2013



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