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Can geodon (ziprasidone) cause voices? as soon as the voices started i got penile numbness. taper off seroquel celexa. taking ativan to sleep along with geodon (ziprasidone).

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Dr. Lynne Weixel answered

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Not cause, but: This medication is meant for severely psychotic Schizophrenic symptoms. Hearing voices would be a strong possibility for these people and it might not be easy to untangle the illness from side effects since I've heard that 'voices' can be more noticed on the drug. Definitely talk to your Dr. Don't self-manage meds - ever! They need to be responsible to you. You deserve good care. I hope you get it

Answered 10/28/2022



First please have a complete physical examination to know if you have an illness. If not, your medication should be managed by a Psychiatrist. If you are not confident in your Doctor please see another for a second opinion. Please see a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in multiple types of psychotherapy to help you and recommend supportive services and possibly a sleep study.

Answered 5/31/2022



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