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I have weakness in my arm , i have impingment & a partial tear in my shoulder which one would cause this ? having a shoulder op in a couple of weeks .

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Dr. John Michalski answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery

Shoulder weakness: Both the cuff tear and the impingement can cause weakness to the shoulder and upper arm. Make sure to evaluate for possible cervical pinched nerve as well.

Answered 1/25/2015


Dr. Roger Palutsis answered

Specializes in Sports Medicine

Both: Knowing the diagnosis of a rotator cuff tear, that is the source for your weakness. The impingement causes pain, which in itself, will manifest itself as weakness because of the pain. The good news is that your surgery should correct both problems. All the best to you in you upcoming surgery.

Answered 12/14/2013



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