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Does an echo detect coronary artery disease?

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Indirectly: A Dobutamine stress echo may identify wall motion abnormalities incriminating a coronary vascular territory for ischemia. This may suggest that the coronary artery perfussing that particular region may contain flow reduction causing atheromatous plaque or plaques. Next step is to perform a coronary angiogram to detect the presence and location of atheromatous plaque or plaques.

Answered 6/25/2014


Dr. Francis Uricchio answered

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May be: Echocardiograms are very good at seeing the function of the heart muscle. If coronary artery disease has damaged the heart, the weekend part of the heart will be visible on an echocardiogram. However, significant blockage can occur without damage. A resting echocardiogram will not be able to see this. A stress echocardiogram, however, may be effective in detecting this type of disease.

Answered 3/26/2019



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