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What does scar tissue look like on a mri of knee?

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Not perfect but ...: Please see http://www.Conciergeradiologist.Com/mri-with-contrast.Html. Scroll down to the image of the MRI lumbar spine. The "bright" tissue surrounding the posterior l5-s1 disc is what scar tissue looks like on MRI when it enhances. Usually, scar tissue looks "dark" on t1 and t2 weighted sequences. Scarring generally looks the same across all parts of the body, knees included.

Answered 2/13/2017


Dr. Brian Sabb answered

Specializes in Sports Medicine

Dark (black) tissue: Hi Monpetitchouiz, MRI is the best imaging modality to see scar tissue in the knee. Scar tissue will show up as dark tissue or low signal on the MRI. Scarring is most common to see on knee MR after surgery. Hope this helps

Answered 11/19/2020


Dr. Daniel Hampton answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery

MRI: Scar tissue can look like a variety of things. It often depends on why the scar tissue is there. Previous surgery can produce scar tissue that is different looking from an old injury. In addition the location of the scar tissue can affect the appearance as well.

Answered 12/19/2014



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