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Soles/palms for awhile small red bumpy spots then dry and peel itchy comes and goes now spread to body rash feet and hands v hot itchy swollen sore?

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Dr. George Valdez answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Hand foot and mouth?: It's very uncommon for adults, common for kids. In the last few weeks i've seen several adults with hand, foot, and mouth disease. It's an uncomfortable but not dangerous viral illness, improves within a few days, but if your symptoms, worsen, change or fail to improve you should be seen.

Answered 9/6/2018


Dr. Heidi Fowler answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Need eval to be sure: These lesions would likely need to be examined and more history obtained to be able to provide you with useful input about the diagnosis or possible treatment.

Answered 10/31/2018



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