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Diagnosed with mild concussion in february. headaches have lessened but throbbing head, slight dizziness still there (can't exercise) what to do?

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Dr. Eric Hastriter answered

Specializes in Pediatrics - Neurology

Concussion: Post concussive headaches are tough. Naproxen can be helpful. Excercize by doing yoga! de stress, no caffeine, drink water. Sleep regularly. If they persist past three months from trauma one should see headache specialist to start a preventative medication.

Answered 3/9/2018


Dr. Bennett Machanic answered

Specializes in Neurology

Time to act: Your patience is commendable, but best to break up the pattern. Using the typical migraine preventative approaches, you could consider prescription items like beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, topirimate, depakote, but maybe instead, an otc prep such as riboflavin, butterbur, feverfew, magnesium, co-q10.

Answered 2/1/2018


Dr. Judith Tellerman answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

CONCUSSION: It is best to discuss this with your Neurologist who knows your medical history. If your are uncomfortable with your Dr. consult with another for a 2nd opinion.

Answered 8/8/2021



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