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A 25-year-old member asked:

Will my blood clot put me at risk for a heart attack or a stroke?

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Dr. Timothy Ashley
Internal Medicine and Pediatrics 16 years experience
Probably Not: The major risk of venous blood clots is that they can travel to the lungs as a pulmonary embolus, which can be deadly. This is the main reason clots need to be treated. Rarely, if a person has a common heart defect or a rare artery clot, clots can lead to stroke. Heart attacks with blood clots would almost always be related to pulmonary emboli, rather than the clot itself.
Thoracic Surgery 50 years experience
It depends: Heart attack develops from heart artery blockage. If blood clot develops in the coronary artery, yes heart attack results. On the other hand, if the blood clot is in the veins, there is no need to worry about "heart attack". Blood clot in the leg veins can travel to the heart and can block pulmonary arteries. This is pulmonary embolism, not "heart attack" as i understood the term.
Dr. Klaus d Lessnau
Pulmonary Critical Care 37 years experience
?: Where is your blood clot? In the leg? Will usually be cought in the lung unless you have pfo check with your doc asap.

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A 41-year-old member asked:

Why do blood clots often lead to heart strokes?

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Dr. Tim Conrad
Ophthalmology 35 years experience
By : Impairing the circulation of blood to the heart. Btw, usually the word "stroke" is used when it is brain and "infarction" is used for heart. In reality, they are the basically the same thing.

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