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Does hemochromatosis ever cause compensatory hyperventilation? does this signal that heart damage from iron overload is already done?

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Hemochromatosis: Hyperventilation not a common symptom of hemochromatosis iron overload during reproductive years is reduced in women due to menstrual loss iron overload in the heart to affect function enough is unusual by this age get in shape by exercising regularly.

Answered 7/10/2013


Dr. Thomas Namey answered

Specializes in Rheumatology

The heart!: The heart is one of the last organs to be significantly damaged from hemochromatosis. Lfts indicationg liver damage, pancreatic, and gonadal dysfuction would occur first, as would joint issues caused by secondary hemochromatosis. Also, a female would never have this issue at 19!

Answered 12/9/2013



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