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My doctors always say if the lymph node is moveable and soft and not growing it's normal. is this true? what texture and size is a typical in lymphoma

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Dr. Michael Thompson answered

Specializes in Hematology and Oncology

Soft, non-fixed: Normal lymph nodes may vary somewhat, but in general normal is non-fixed (movable), soft (not firm). Size < 1-2 cm. Enlarged lymph nodes may be a non-cancer and likewise cancer can be in normal sized lymph nodes. Very large lymph nodes are more likely to be lymphoma.

Answered 5/12/2014


Dr. Agos Luca answered

Specializes in Pathology

Yes: Your doctor is right. Lymph nodes involved by lymphoma are usually hard, rubbery, difficult to move around due to adhesions to the neighboring tissues, and significantly increased in size, usually over 2-3 cm, growing continuously. But even if all these signs are present, the diagnosis of lymphoma is not certain; it may still be something else completely benign like an infection.

Answered 2/27/2017



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