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A 49-year-old member asked:

What are the differences between autism and autism spectrum disorder?

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Dr. Glen Elliott
Child Psychiatry 44 years experience
Shifting terminology: As of may 2013, new criteria will lump what had been separated disorders of autism, asperger's disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder into a single category of autism spectrum disorder. The key features remain the same, but there will be a range of severity of those symptoms.
Dr. Johanna Fricke
Pediatrics - Developmental and Behavioral 51 years experience
The same deficits : In reciprocal social interaction caused by lack of joint attention, facial recognition & theory of mind underlie all types of autism. Autistic spectrum disorder is now the diagnosis that "lumps" autism, as & pdd-nos in the dsm-v. There was a misperception that the old diagnosis of as always implied superior cognitive skills. The dsm-iv required a "normal" iq ( > 70), not necessarily avg. Or >.

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Maumelle, AR
A 26-year-old female asked:

I do not understand the difference between autism and autism spectrum disorder?

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Dr. Dariush Saghafi
Neurology 34 years experience
Interchangeable: There's no difference between those terms. Spectrum Disorder is simply a newer classification term referring to a family of disorders. The same is implied by saying someone simply has "autism." You are not specifying which behavioral problem they have....just generally saying there is a particular behavior/personality disorder which is recognized with this GROUP of problems.
A 43-year-old member asked:

What is the difference between autism, autism spectrum?

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Dr. Rudolf Brutoco
Child Psychiatry 45 years experience
Semantics: The diagnosis of autism has broadened. The term has also been softened with euphemisms like "asd" (autistic spectrum disorder). Clinically, the terms are now interchangeable.
United Kingdom
A 33-year-old female asked:

Is there any medication for autism spectrum disorder?

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Dr. Clarene Cress
Specializes in Pediatrics
No, but individuals: with ASD have varied symtoms and medicaions may be useful intreating specific symtpoms, such as hyperactivity or anxiety or aggression with medicaions that are used with other primary disorders, such as anxiety disorder or ADHD. Consultation with a specialist is a medical center may be helpful.
A 41-year-old member asked:

What are autism spectrum disorders?

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Dr. Glen Elliott
Child Psychiatry 44 years experience
Latest umbrella term: For decades, the broad term for disorders like autism has been pervasive developmental disorder (pdd). It included autism, asperger's disorders, and several other seemingly related disorders. For the past 10 years of so, ASD has become increasingly popular and probably will be the new umbrella term for autism and related disorders in the new diagnostic manual due out in a year or so.
A 42-year-old member asked:

What's a autism spectrum disorder?

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Dr. Kenneth Adler
Psychiatry 50 years experience
Autism: It would be related conditions like aspergers's syndrome.

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Last updated May 12, 2016

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