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Dr. Glen Elliott

Child Psychiatry
Palo Alto, CA
43 years experience male



Palo Alto, CA


Children's Health Council, 650 Clark Way, Palo Alto, CA

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Dr. Elliott is a child and adolescent psychiatrist with a longstanding interest in improving the diagnosis and treatment of severe psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents. He was Director of The Children’s Center at Langley Porter at UCSF from 1989-2006, retiring as an Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychiatry. Since July 2006, he has been Chief Psychiatrist for Children’s Health Council (CHC) and also serves as its Medical Director. He is a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry (Affiliated) in the Stanford School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Associate Director of Training for Stanford’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program. Dr. Elliott received a Ph.D. and M.D. from Stanford School of Medicine, did general psychiatry residency training at McLean Hospital, one of the Harvard programs, and completed a child and adolescent psychiatry residency at Stanford School of Medicine. As a clinician and as a researcher, Dr. Elliott strives to clarify the appropriate use of psychoactive medications in relieving the distress of children and adolescents with severe mental illnesses while minimizing risks to their immediate welfare and long-term development. In 2006, he authored Medicating Young Minds, a book for parents facing that difficult decision.

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Child Psychiatry


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A 37-year-old member asked:
Dr. Glen Elliott
Child Psychiatry 43 years experience
Might help: No one "has" to seek medical attention; and, at your age, new-onset adhd is highly unlikely. However, if you are having problems of some sort, seeking out professional services to diagnose the problem and recommend treatment would make a lot of sense. Start with your primary care doctor.
A 32-year-old female asked:
Dr. Glen Elliott
Child Psychiatry 43 years experience
Probably unrelated: You don't say what medication your son is taking, but stimulants are not commonly associated with painful urination, nor are the nonstimulants such as strattera (atomoxetine) or intuniv. If he's been on the medication for more than a few weeks, it's highly unlikely that the medications are related. Sorry the doctor has not called; perhaps call the office and see if you can get results--or take him back in.
A male asked:
Dr. Glen Elliott
Child Psychiatry 43 years experience
Sort of: There are no specific tests to either adhd or ocd; both are clinical diagnoses based on patient description of symptoms. However, there are non-medication treatments for both, especially for ocd. Look for a specialist in cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt). In urban areas, you probably can find centers that specialize in non-medication interventions for both adhd and ocd.

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May 11, 2013
I strongly recommend Dr. Elliott. He has an incredible knowledge base on ASD as well as child psychiatry in general. I continue to learn by reading his responses in Health Tap. He is not afraid to co...Read More
Dr. Elliott is a highly regarded psychiatrist whose contributions on HealthTap have been consistently of the highest caliber. "When Dr. Elliott speaks, other doctors listen."
I recommend you as a well know expert in your field. Dr Jakavick would recommend this Dr To all who seek their expertise.
HealthTap member
Dr. Glen Elliott Thank you so much for your insite. I have used that method myself and it worked very well! but to be very honest I know of one it did not work on and a spanking did, in fact it wor...Read More
HealthTap member
I know that my son has been diagnosed with Aspergers and Tourette's but it took longer to diagnose the Tourettes because of his medications.
HealthTap member
Your answers have been a great help I look forward to using this app everyday to help me monitor my health and ill be recommending this app

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Stanford University School of Medicine
Graduated 1978MD


Best Doctors in America since 1998
Fellow, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
UCSF Chancellor’s Award for Community Service, 2006


San Francisco Bay Area Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions, provide medical advice, write prescriptions, and more.
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