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The bone dr gave me strontium ranelate for my osteoporosis t-3.5. is it true it increases risk for breast cancer recurrence?

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Dr. John Valente answered

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Unknown for now: Strontium helps in the management of bone mets from breast cancer. It also increased sensitivity of breast cancer cells to radiation therapy, so it might be good for advanced cancer. China showed higher strontium levels (as a toxic exposure) in women with breast cancer but they did not control for other chemicals and exposures. The most significant risk for breast cancer is having had it before.

Answered 10/4/2016


Dr. Joshua Garren answered

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No :): There is not a single paper published using the words strontium renalate and cancer in its title: http://www.Ncbi.Nlm.Nih.Gov/pubmed?Term=(strontium%20ranelate%5btitle%5d)%20and%20cancer%5btitle%5d i think you can be reassured. There is a radioactive strontium that is sometime used for bone metastasis treatment, and that, or course, would be more concerning.

Answered 1/22/2014



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