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Severe depression last yr & gained weight, partly due to my med (xywav). stopped med & began weight lifting again 3-5x week starting on aug. 25th.& cut cals + cardio 3-5x a wk. weighed myself mon. im 15lbs heavier?! should i get hormones checked?

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Dr. Clarence Grim answered

Specializes in Endocrinology

No! You need to track your food intake and exercise to see how many calories are going in and out.Use the app Cronometer for a few days. Then you can track all of your food/drink to see if you need to eat fewer calories (much easier) or burn more. Make certain scales weigh the same. Healthiest goal is to get to a BMI of 25 to live longest & spend less time disabled by stroke/heart problems.

Answered 11/5/2022



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