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I've recently been sexually active. i'm just wondering, if i have used a condom every time with no complications, is it effective? i'm stressing.

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Dr. Clarence Lyons answered

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Effectiveness: Using condoms correctly and every time has been shown to be about 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. It varies with protection against the different std's.

Answered 4/22/2013



Depends: As long as the condom fits well, is applied before any intercourse, and a new one applied for each round, it can be very dependable. Any semen that is able to make it's way to your genitals can get you pregnant. Improper use has been cited in failure rates up to 20%/yr in some studies. The best long term data comes from an IUD at <1% failure per year of use.

Answered 4/24/2017



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