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Bad left outside of lower leg pain below knee down to ankle and arch of foot barely could walk on it, also tingling in feet no swelling or redness. what would cause this. thanks?

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It hasn’t been stated how this injury might have occurred. Whether it was a traumatic injury to the area or an overuse injury from repetitive use from either walking or running. Or some other possible physical activity. The areas that describes sounds like the peroneus longus tendon. if it’s from running you might want to see a sports medicine podiatrist Or see your family doctor

Answered 3/15/2022


Dr. Rebecca Gliksman answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

How long is this going on? acute ? trauma? If there is tingling- there is nerve compression, so I would go today to urgent care or ER to be evaluated. May need steroids to decrease the swelling / pressure/ and tingling. May be local issue as noted a tendon/ or hematoma, in leg or compartment issue which is a medical emergency( is the leg warm or cold) or may be sciatica. F/u/w/ MD today

Answered 3/16/2022



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