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I am experiencing pain behind my left knee (especially toward the outside), as well as tingling in my foot and outside of calf (3 days). so far no swelling, heat, or redness. i tried ice and putting the leg up but it didn't help much. ?

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Nerve entrapment?: The outer side of the knee is whet the peroneal nerve can become injured/irritated and could cause foot and calf tingling/numbness/nerve pain although there are a variety of other causes e.g. pinched nerve from spine, local knee or calf problem, or the more potentially serious deep vein thrombosis. Recommend urgent medical assessment by doctor to have exam and run tests to diagnos. All the best

Answered 3/22/2018



Tingling : Pressure on peroneal nerve either by a space occupying lesion or mass or a nerve entrapment. A bakers cyst may have put pressure on nerve which is a common occurrence. Recommend NSAID if no improvement see orthopedic Doctor.

Answered 1/20/2018



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