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Low b/p cholestrol good trygylerides 0.8 hdl 1.7 /ldl under 3 non smoker crp is under 5 /esr 12 -uk tests/weigh 105 lbs /5.2 tall female age 62 heart calcium score 0 but mri angio show moderate stenosis carotid arteries in neck. v good diet excercise?

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CAC score of zero virtually excludes development of coronary artery blockages in the next several years, but there can be a disconnect with carotid artery plaque formation. Moderate carotid artery stenosis isn't a great predictor of strokes, but I would consider taking daily low dose aspirin and consulting a vascular surgeon to advise you.on how.often to repeat carotid artery studies.

Answered 1/28/2022



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