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Best remedies for chronic cracked/chapped lips? i have been using a lip balm and i use aquaphor so far?

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Dr. Donald Colantino answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

I have seen problems with lip balms that contain bees wax. Plain aquaphor in my opinion would be preferable. Avoid saliva leaking on lips. Don't lick your lips. Avoid sun and wind exposure & spicy foods.

Answered 9/15/2021


Dr. Brian Sabb answered

Specializes in Sports Medicine

Aquaphor is a good choice. However, sometimes dry lips are a sign that you are dehydrated. And if u have dry skin elsewhere, dehydration could make sense. I recommend you drink more water and consider getting a humidifier for your home or at least your bedroom. finally, if your problem persists see your doctor because dry lips can be a sign of allergies, infection, or more serious problem. G Luck

Answered 10/13/2021



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