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Hi doctors. please can i get an eye drop over the counter for red shot eyes i got due to coughing while sleeping ? i woke up about 2 hours later to a red eye 2days. no pain, no itchiness, nothing, just red?

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Most likely a subconjunctival hemorrhage secondary to the forceful coughing. If this is the case, it may look bad but is relatively benign and will fade over a few days. Eye drops are not needed. If additional issues develop, see eye specialist.

Answered 9/13/2021


Dr. Harold Peltan answered

Specializes in Ophthalmology

No eye drops necessary. You may use nonprescription artificial tear drops. It is likely some viral conjunctivitis from a common cold and will pass. Is it one eye or both? A picture would be helpful. A cold or warm compress may give you some relief. The redness will likely pass soon.

Answered 9/16/2021



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