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Every time i converse and write, i have a hard time finding the right words or i would just repeat a word. is there anything i can do to work on this? is this happening because of my anxiety or depression or is it that im not educated enough?

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Dr. Dora Chizea answered

Specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine

Anxiety can manifest in many ways, including difficulty finding words and /or processing thoughts. Not having enough education can make one feel incompetent and unsure about the words they use to express themselves. At 22 years one can always get more education to acquire the self confidence they need. Assistance by the PCP or Psychologist to work out the root cause of problem is encouraged.

Answered 5/10/2021


Dr. Bernard Seif answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

In addition to the earlier excellent advice, please see your primary care doc to rule out medical conditions. Then a neuropsychologist can test you for learning disorders, etc. Whatever your education, being a decent person, being neat and clean, are all the most attractive qualities one can have. Peace and good health.

Answered 5/17/2021



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