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Been having pain near back molar for 2 days, had a look with torch and saw bit of tooth coming out and gum bit swollen, i thought wisdom teeth. i live rural and flooded in... wisdom teeth or something else, and what should i do?

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Dr. Richard Romano answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

You can contact a telemedicine doctor. Maybe you can benefit from antibiotics while waiting to get to a dentist. I would plan to make arrangements to see a dentist

Answered 3/19/2021


Dr. Robert Trager answered

Specializes in Dentistry

At 18 your third molars [WISDOM TEETH] are naturally erupting and causing this natural event. Keep area clean and rinse with warm or mildly hot salt water .Use any mild pain reliever you can obtain in the OUTBACK and watch the area to see if the tooth erupts more and eventually see a DENTIST.

Answered 3/21/2021



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