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I have been having extremely itchy skin. starts on hands and feet. sometimes on the rest of my body. there are no marks to show any signs of rash. that is until i claw myself to death. wondered if it may be a sign of diabetes. never had this before. lotion does not help. i have not changed any kind of soap or shampoo or detergent. i can take a benadryl and it will stop. itching?

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Dr. Lori Lange answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Scabies perhaps?: Extreme itching MAYBE DUE to a mite which causes Scabies. It is not due to diabetes. You have to use a topical ointment from the pharmacy to stop it. You can ask your pharmacist for available meds. Or call a doctor and get a prescription medication once and done head to toe topical to stop the itching. It is common and easily treated once you have the correct diagnosis.

Answered 11/25/2020


Dr. Jay Kashkin answered

Specializes in Allergy and Immunology

Dermographism: Without knowing what if any medication you're on my first thought is you have mild mast cell activation. Heat, vibration and pressure can be triggers. Typically described as insects crawling, then scratching induces red lines that may or may not raise up. If you have these symptoms for more than 6 weeks or if itching is intense, see your physician.

Answered 11/26/2020



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