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Slight pitting edema on both shins none ankles. dry feet. sedentary. my doc thinks all is well with me. labs wk ago showed low bun 6mg/dl high gluc 120mg/dl - sodium 139 pot 3.9 chlor 106 co2 28 creat .8 calcium 10.2 b/cr 8 drink water 64-80 oz day?

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Dr. David Ellis answered

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Edema: Sounds like your doctor has it well in hand. If you are not as active the vein system in your legs become sluggish in getting blood back into the central circulation and fluid will leak out into the tissues. Your labs are reasonable. You can also wear knee high compression stockings to mobilize the fluid as well as elevating your feet above the level of your heart. Follow up with your doc also.

Answered 2/3/2021



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