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I have moderate pulmonary hypertension (pressure 37) and severe sleep apnea(94 times an hour on asvmachine) could my ph be reduced if my sleep apnea

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Dr. Masoud Sadighpour answered

Specializes in Sleep Medicine

Questionable: Treating sleep apnea will decrease the rate of progression of phtn. Treating your severe sleep apnea also has other benefits for your body. It reduce the chance of stroke or heart attacks. Untreated people with sleep apnea live five years less than people without sleep apnea.

Answered 8/19/2013


Dr. Budi Bahureksa answered

Specializes in Cardiology

Yes: Also if you need to lose weight this too would reduce the pulmonary pressure.

Answered 4/16/2013


Dr. Raja-elie Abdulnour answered

Specializes in Critical Care

YES! very likely: The ph is very likley related to the sleep apnea. Don't worry about the pressure numbers at this point, focus on treating the sleep apnea. The ph can get better.

Answered 6/3/2013


Dr. Matthew Majzun answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine - Pulmonary Critical Care

Absolutely: Sleep apnea is a major cause of moderate pulmonary htn. Although there are medications for pulmonary htn, the best thing to do is treat your sleep apnea with the asv. Once you've been on CPAP for several months, they can repeat your measurements. If the pulm pressure is still high and you're apnea is well treated (and you have symptoms like short of breath), then meds are indicated.

Answered 6/26/2014



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