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What formula can i use for a boy who is 2years old with acute constipation? he currently drinks isomil 3 we have been to the dr but with covid restrictions we cannot make it to a specialist. currently on laxette and an enema every 3rd day

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No Isomil use CALM: Suggest probiotics, 5 billion a day Klaire Labs, Calm magnesium1/2 tsp in water daily, a casein free, gluten free, sugar free diet, Almond milk is fine; fruits and vegetables except bananas, glycerine suppository every third day if still not moving; occasional dose of Miralax ( 2 tbsp) for difficult times is fine. If still with problems, consult with Peds GI to R/O Hirschpsrung might be fine.

Answered 6/22/2020


Dr. Jay Park answered

No formula change: I would recommend a short course of Miralax, 8.5 gm diluted in 8oz of juice once daily for a few days if he passes small hard pieces or experiences rectal bleeding. Constipation is a pretty common issue at his age.

Answered 7/23/2020



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