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Since giving birth 15 years ago and going through back labour for 12 hours ive suffered from a bad lower back after walking or standing a long time. its above buttocks stretching up either side of spine to just under rib cage. how can i improve this?

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Dr. Steven Simon answered

Specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

See a doc: Several problems could cause this. Physical exam and imaging will determine the exact cause for your symptoms and lead to resolution. Good luck

Answered 4/1/2020


Dr. Jeffrey Trantalis, DPM answered

Specializes in Podiatry

Common w. Pregnancy : You have had problem for a long time. Common with pregnancy can cause a ligament in the feet to become very lax promoting a flat foot when walking and standing this can cause tremendous stress to the lower back sometimes a limb length difference where one leg is longer than the other or you could be functioning as a one hip is higher than the other A podiatrist can help with orthotics

Answered 4/2/2020



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