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Hello, wondering if i should see a doctor about any of this, or if it means i should be extra cautious about covid-19. i've tried to donate blood in the past and i've been turned away recently because my iron is too low. also i have a history of fainting

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See a doc: You stated that you have chronic iron deficiency. If it cannot be resolved with iron tabs 3 x daily for a month, then you should be evaluated to determine why this occurred. Either you aren’t making blood quickly enough or losing blood (think ulcer, or GI bleed).

Answered 4/1/2020



Both: You should be careful about avoiding exposure to corona virus and see a doctor about your low iron. If you are anemic that warrants an investigation to determine the cause. Anemia in an adult male requires that bleeding in the intestine be ruled out. Wish you good health!

Answered 3/25/2022



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