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I take wellbutrin and prozac for anxiety/depression, trazadone for sleep, and adderall for focus. i am now exercising regularly and would like to taper off some or all of these. i have found that as long as i exercise, my moods are able to be controlled

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Dr. Elizabeth Finley-Belgrad answered

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Talk to prescriber : Wellbutrin 1/2 life -the time it take for 1/2 to be out of the body is 33-37 hrs so really the fastest, the prozac is 2-4 d , but has an active metabolite wiht 1/2 life 7-15d so really takes 4-5 weeks to be out of the body . adderall is mostly out of your body the next morning. Trazodone 1/2 life 10-12 hrs so it will take just a few days . Your prescriber can help you identify aweaning schedule

Answered 12/4/2020



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