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I have a deep cut on my hand from glass bottle just one day ago. dr stitched up. i was just wondering if it is okay to put savlon antiseptic cream on?

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Dr. answered

No: Just keep it clean and dry. If you doctor wanted you on antibiotics they would prescribe pills for you. If they did make sure you take the entire course. If the wound starts to turn red, discharging puss or you start having red streaks going up your hand then you need to be re-evaluated. https://www.emedicinehealth.com/suture_care/article_em.htm#physician_diagnosis_for_suture_problems

Answered 2/25/2018


Dr. answered

Yes: But not to much want to keep the site clean and dry for the most part, the cream won't add a whole lot and not worth it.

Answered 4/27/2018



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