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Pain right side of face x 3 weeks. no swelling. all top teeth right side tender. pain by nose and cheekbone. teeth not sensitive to heat/cold. painful to chew on that side. no nasal discharge. toothache or sinus? how tell the difference?

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Dr. Gary Sandler answered

Specializes in Dentistry

Teeth or Sinus: The symptoms that you describe could be caused from tooth problem or sinus inflammation/infection. The cause can be determined but it requires a dentist to evaluate you in person with the help of x-rays and a clinical exam along with a medical and dental history. We can't and shouldn't explain over the internet how you self determine a differential diagnosis.

Answered 9/19/2017


Dr. Louise Andrew answered

Specializes in Emergency Medicine

Could be either: your upper teeth sit in the wall of the maxillary sinus that is beneath the cheekbone. They could be the source of infection, or the pain could be referred to them by a sinus infection. Teeth not sensitive makes it seem more like sinus. Warm Xlear rinse could help. Three weeks is a long time and infections in this location could become serious. You probably need to have an exam/ x-ray done.

Answered 9/19/2017



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