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Could latent jaundice cause keratosis pilaris type non itchy rash on upper arms and yellow coating on tongue? also fatigue? taking silybon70. how long for this to get resolved? i've been tired and rash is still there from 1.5 months.

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Dr. Al Hegab answered

Specializes in Allergy and Immunology

You need a good MD: for good history and physical examination, and sorting out what would be the cause(s) for your symptoms. I am not aware of latent jaundice, and whether it would lead to keratosis pilaris, a skin condition unrelated to the liver. The herbal medicine that you take is just a placebo, your liver and your whole body is designed to take care of toxins. See a good internist, good luck

Answered 2/19/2017


Dr. John Chiu answered

No: Keratosis pilaris is mostly from dry skin and often can be alleviated by regular usage of skin moisturizer applied within 3 mins after bathing. Need to see doc about tiredness and skin rash.

Answered 2/21/2017



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