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I want to know how much time is enough to sleep at night for 19 year girl?she is a student and she wants to study hard during day time.

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Dr. Brian Greenberg answered

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It varies: Most young adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. In general the body will catch up when it can. So, if you are sleeping much more on the weekends than during the week then there are probably deficits during the week.

Answered 9/19/2016



Varies: The average young adult that has finished growing can get by on about 8 hrs/night. If studying hard, or participating in sports, the need goes up. (hour/s) Simple signs of inadequate sleep include sleep walking/talking, decreased proficiency in the classroom, drifting off while studying. Try never to watch TV after studying, it cancels out some of your progress.

Answered 10/25/2016



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