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What would generally contraindicate surgery to repair lumbar hnp with bilat radiculopathy? total of 4 thoracic and 3 lumbar discs ddd, l4l5 the worst

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Dr. James Rochester answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Multi Level Bad Idea: Surgery for multi level disease almost always does not have a good outcome. Surgery to correct unstable spine segments leading to cord/nerve compression ok. Trying to relieve nerve impingement/pain related to multi level DDD, DJD has poor track record for success. If targeting only 1 or perhaps 2 levels with surgery to relieve nerve root compression, OK, More than that, data do not support.

Answered 4/20/2016


Dr. Edward Hellman answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery

Poor result: The biggest contraindication to spine surgery would be if it was felt you would have a poor result. For example if your symptoms don't correlate with your MRI or you had too many levels involved, surgery may not help. Another contraindication would be if you had medical problems that would make it unsafe to have surgery.

Answered 9/11/2020



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