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Can advair cause low potassium and muscle cramps?

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Dr. John Chiu answered

Potentially: Muscle cramps are not rare in patients using long-acting bronchodilator which is an ingredient in Advair. Although low serum potassium level is potentially a problem from beta agonist, I have yet to be convinced that inhaling it (vs taking an oral tablet) could noticeably lower serum potassium level.

Answered 2/12/2016


Dr. Charles Turck answered

Specializes in Pharmacology

Possibly: A person who is taking Advair may experience low potassium and symptoms like muscle cramps, weakness, and abnormal heartbeat. Even if so, though, it’s *highly unlikely* that Advair’s the only cause. (Maybe a change in potassium or other electrolyte unrelated to Advair at all.) And while your lab work has likely been followed occasionally (once per year?), it may be good to contact your doctor.

Answered 2/12/2016



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